South Fremantle Football Club Indigenous Jumper

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 9:15 AM

OUR 2019 NAIDOC jumper was designed by Ashley and Kelly Collard. Ashley is a lifelong South Fremantle supporter who grew up in the club’s backyard of White Gum Valley.

Ashley has fond memories of growing up following the greats during the 70’s and 80’s era. He did admit to Maurice Rioli being his favourite player, amongst a host of famous indigenous players during that period.

The artwork represents the different cultures that come together at special meeting places along our coast line. Communities working together as one for a better understanding of our land.

Ashley and Kelly will be guests of the club at The Claremont Football Club’s President Luncheon this Saturday.

Thank you both for designing such an amazing jumper that the boys will be honoured to play in.